An energy executive who has not previously sought elected office, Sean Casten worked as president of Turbosteam Corporation and Recycled Energy Development, LLC.

In his September 2017 announcement speech, Casten referred to his background in science and engineering and criticized policies advocated by Trump and sitting Rep. Peter Roskam: "They are increasing the risk of global warming but the truth is ignoring reality hurts so much more. They are putting millions of people's lives and health at risk with their assault on the health-care system." Casten describes the objective of his candidacy as "bring[ing] policy to Washington that is based on facts – not fear."


Casten received endorsements from former president Barack Obama, Senators Dick Durbin and Elizabeth Warren, founder Bill McKibben, SunEdison founder Jigar Shah, and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Bill Reilly.

Key Issues

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For too long, we have written immigration policy at the corners, rarely with a holistic view of our national goals or interests. Moreover, immigration is too often an afterthought to other initiatives. International narcotics policy, the ‘war on terror’ and economic policy are set nationally, but also frustrate the effectiveness of local law enforcement, whether it be their community policing programs or their ability to coordinate with their cross-border colleagues.

We cannot ignore the fact that our historic immigration policy has been used by polemicists to scapegoat foreigners rather than address fundamental challenges in the economy; it is always easier to blame others than it is to honestly confront structural changes in the U.S. economy, but that doesn’t make it right.

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Energy and Climate Change

I am a scientist and a clean energy entrepreneur. Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and it has motivated me to spend nearly 2 decades designing, building and installing over 70 different on-site clean heat and power plants at industrial facilities to reduce CO2 emissions while saving money on energy costs. My experience has shown that you don’t have to choose between protecting the planet and creating jobs.

President Trump and Congressman Roskam, faced with the same evidence, have placed politics above facts. Under their leadership, we have done nothing to address climate risks, and in fact are headed in the wrong direction. President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and Congressman Roskam calls climate change “junk science.”

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