Joyce Bentley's professional experience includes working as a banker, realtor, and small business owner. With this industry experience, it has enabled her to be proficient in all types of negotiations, hostile settlement agreements, legal contracts and protracted documentation, she is running with aspirations to replace Dina Titus to represent District 1 of Nevada in Congress. Joyce Bentley has been endorsed by the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

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2nd Amendment

On the heels of the 1st American Revolution, the forefathers of this great nation did not establish the 2nd amendment for hunting or sport; it was established specifically, against a tyrannical government that could possibly try to rise against the American people.

I believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment, and as your U.S. House Representative, I will never let special interest groups abrogate this right.



There are thousands of U.S. patents dealing with new innovative medical technologies and devices that are being withheld from the American people.

President Trump insists legislation H.R. 878 the “Right to Try Act” of 2017 be enacted, that would allow terminally ill patients access to new innovative medical procedures and medicines that have not yet been approved by the FDA.



Educators throughout the country have had their hands tied. The Government foists strict, archaic curriculum upon teachers, restraining them from helping students achieve their highest potentials.

I will seek to modernize the established curriculum and put education authority back into the hands of the parents and States. I will also advocate for more affordable charter and vocational schools to help young adults facilitate their futures.



I’ve seen amazing infrastructure projects on other continents.

The U.S.’ transportation systems, bridges, dams, highways, etc… are dilapidated and have become almost equivalent to that of a third world nation. Our medical, manufacturing, financial, etc. . . infrastructures have also deteriorated, almost to the point of no return.

For decades bad deals have damaged the US infrastructures, and as your U.S. House Representative, bad deals will not be tolerated.

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