Jacky Rosen was born in Chicago. She attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1979. In the 1980s, she began to work for Southwest Gas, and then opened her own consulting business. While working for Summa, she attended Clark County Community College (now the College of Southern Nevada) and received an associate's degree in computing and information technology in 1985.

As the former President of Congregation Ner Tamid, the state’s largest synagogue, Jacky led a team to construct one of the largest solar arrays in Henderson through a public-private partnership. The solar investment cut the synagogue’s energy bills by up to 70 percent.

She was asked in 2016 by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to run for the U.S. House in the 3rd Congressional District of Nevada. Rosen declared her candidacy for the United States House of Representatives seat in Nevada's 3rd congressional district in the 2016 elections. Rosen won 60% of the vote in the Democratic Party primary election, and narrowly defeated Republican nominee Danny Tarkanian in the general election. Rosen was sworn into office on January 3, 2017.

Jacky is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, working across party lines to find common ground and deliver results for Nevadans. She has been a champion for encouraging early childhood education in STEM, especially for young girls.

She currently serves on the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Her candidacy has been endorsed by various individuals and organizations including former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Education Association.


I know we need better pay for our teachers and better funding to help improve Nevada’s struggling public schools. I support efforts to rebuild crumbling or outdated public schools that serve low income families. A former computer programmer and software developer,I have made promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education a top priority. My bipartisan education bills to help encourage young girls to pursue computer science and prioritize the learning and teaching of STEM subjects in early childhood passed the House unanimously.

As the first in my family to graduate from college, I believe in the power and opportunities education affords. I made ends meet in college by taking out student loans and working as a waitress. Today, students at Nevada universities graduate with an average of $24,000 in student loan debt; this keeps higher education out of reach for far too many. I support making higher education more affordable, whether it’s through advanced skills-training, apprenticeship programs, community college, or a four-year college degree. In the Senate, I’ll work to lower interest rates on student debt and ensure that young people have access to a quality education that prepares them for jobs in a 21st century economy.


Safety and Security

I believe smart and tough foreign policy is key to our national security. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I have taken steps to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity and get tougher on our adversaries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

I introduced and worked successfully to pass a bipartisan increase in investment for missile defense systems protecting our allies in Israel and to help secure the electric grid to ensure readiness at our key military installations.

Ensuring our communities are safe is critically important to me. After October 1, I saw firsthand the horrific aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. The epidemic of gun violence in our country has become a public safety issue - it is not acceptable and it is not inevitable. In the Senate, I will continue fighting for common-sense gun safety measures like expanding background checks, banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, prohibiting high-capacity magazines, and fully banning bump stocks. I will also build on my work in the House to ensure that Nevada’s communities and first responders get their fair share of federal homeland security funding so that we can keep our residents safe.



I believe health care is a right, not a privilege, and I will always put Nevada’s families ahead of the politicians and special interests in Washington that want to cut our health care. I will fight any effort to cut Medicare, and I will never support the reckless Republican health care plans that end protections for people with pre-existing conditions and allow insurance companies to charge older Americans thousands of dollars more. In Congress, I introduced a resolution to defend the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions in federal court.

I know our health care system has real problems that we need to work together to fix. That’s why I am working to develop bipartisan solutions to improve health care access and bring down costs by stabilizing the marketplaces, lowering premiums, and addressing Nevada’s doctor shortages. I signed on to and helped pass bipartisan legislation in the House to repeal the medical device tax. I have also introduced forward-thinking legislation to cap the rising costs of life-saving prescription drugs and limit monthly out-of-pocket costs for individuals and families.

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Nevada’s immigrant families are part of the fabric of our communities. I believe strongly in the need for comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, grows Nevada’s economy, and provides an earned path to citizenship. With families worried about being ripped apart, I won’t stop fighting to find a solution that provides relief for the thousands of Dreamers and TPS recipients who call Nevada home. They are Americans in every way except for a piece of paper, and I am working across the aisle to protect them and fix our broken immigration system. That’s why I helped introduce bipartisan legislation - the United and Securing America (USA) Act - that provides a path to citizenship for Dreamers combined with smart, commonsense efforts to secure our borders.

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