Dina Titus was born and raised in Georgia. Earning a master's degree from the University of Georgia and a doctorate from Florida State University, she taught American and Nevada government classes at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for 34 years until her retirement in 2011. She was also a state senator representing SD-7 for 20 years where she served as minority leader of the Nevada State Senate until her election to the U.S. House of Representatives from Nevada's 3rd Congressional District in 2008, a seat she lost two years later in a close race. Titus won the election to the U.S. House representing District 1 in 2013.


During the course of her political career, Dina has been a strong advocate for children, seniors, the disabled and the arts. A teacher herself, she has made quality education for all a priority. Dina has worked on issues to protect our environment, push renewable energy development, and create more sustainable communities.

Currently in her fourth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, Dina is on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She has received endorsements from the National Education Association, National Women's Political Caucus, Nevada Conservation League, Nevada State AFL-CIO
Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Population Connection and SEIU Nevada.



Medicare for All is a bold idea, but Congress must be bold to solve our nation’s affordable health care crisis.

While I will continue to try to find ways of reaching across the aisle, I hope that my Republican colleagues realize that leaving millions without access to affordable and reliable health care is not the way forward. We need health care reform that lowers cost, improves access, increases choice, and strengthens Medicare.


Gun Violence

During my tenure in Congress, I have stood for too many moments of silence on the House floor to remember lives lost to senseless gun violence. This just can't go on. We can't ignore the lives lost due to gun violence in my district or in any other for any longer, and if we don't act soon, we will just be here doing it again.

This just can't go on. We can't ignore the lives lost due to gun violence in my district or in any other for any longer.



Since the election, my office has just been deluged by phone calls from the DACA recipients, those we call DREAMers, from their friends, and from their family. They are afraid. You can just hear the fear in their voice. For our DREAMers and their families, this fear and anxiety will continue to grow. I am afraid they are just going to return to the shadows if we don't act soon to responsibly reform our immigration system.

They are the reason that I will continue to be on the front line--to fight to make this country a better place for them so they, in turn, can make it a better place for all of us. Surely, we can't forget that kind of history and heritage that we have of welcoming immigrants with open arms. We are not a country that should be tearing families apart. If we can't get comprehensive immigration reform done in the short term, let's at least protect those DREAMers who already have that status so that they don't have to live in fear.

Champions Legislation to Alleviate Hunger for School-aged Children

Champions Legislation to Alleviate Hunger for School-aged Children

Kids/Mario Batali Foundation Library Opening

Kids/Mario Batali Foundation Library Opening


There is a longstanding federal mandate to guarantee an educational opportunity for all students. English language learners enrich our schools with new cultural perspectives, but they need resources and quality instruction to help them succeed academically.

“A child with access to quality nutrition and a full tummy is more likely to be ready to learn and thrive academically. As the wealthiest nation in the world, we can and should be doing more to give our students the tools they need to be successful.” 

Education is the best investment we can make for the future of our Nation. We cannot continue to starve our schools, reduce standards, and diminish our national commitment to equal access to learning.

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