After earning his bachelor's degree at UNLV, Tarkanian received his J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law, where he finished third in his class. He practiced law for seven years, started a real estate investment business, and founded the Tarkanian Basketball Academy, a nonprofit organization focused on working with at-risk youth.

Tarkanian has mounted unsuccessful campaigns for the Nevada Senate (2004), Nevada Secretary of State (2006), the United States Senate (2010), the Nevada System of Higher Education (2014), and the United States House of Representatives (2012 and 2016).

Tarkanian had previously announced a run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Dean Heller in the 2018 Republican primary but withdrew to run for United States House of Representatives at the request of President Trump.

Danny Tarkanian has been endorsed by Armenian National Committee of America- Western Region and the National Right to Life.



The most dishonest argument in the immigration reform debate is the habit of “open borders” advocates mixing legal immigration with ILLEGAL immigration. There’s a huge difference. We do need some reforms to our legal immigration system, but we need to BLOCK illegal immigration. We also need to deport illegal immigrants who commit additional illegal acts while in our country illegally IMMEDIATELY. There’s already a legal pathway to citizenship. People who are in our country illegally who wish to become American citizens should return to their native country and get in line like everyone else.



Nevadans all across our state have lost the health insurance policies they were told they could keep when ObamaCare was forced on us by President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid. And many have lost their family doctor because many doctors have simply closed up their practices because they could no longer afford to operate under the new program.

In addition, many Nevadans have not only seen their monthly premiums skyrocket higher than their rent and mortgage payments, but their deductibles have blown through the roof, as well. ObamaCare MUST be repealed.  


National Defense

I am fully committed to rebuilding our military. I believe loosening of the “rules of engagement,” which has allowed our troops to more quickly and effectively combat and defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere, is wise and correct. I believe we should not be using our military for “nation building” purposes. I believe our allies, who enjoy the protections we provide them, should help pay for that protection as agreed and appropriate.

I believe that appeasement efforts towards the brutal North Korean dictatorship have failed and a stronger U.S. strategy in dealing with them is both necessary and appropriate. I believe we should never underestimate the dangers posed by Russia but agree with President Trump that if we can find peaceful means to co-exist, it’s in both nations’ best interest to do so. I believe border security and national security go hand-in-hand and support building the wall on our southern border, as well as President Trump’s limited travel ban and ending the visa lottery program.



While we have an obligation to continue finding ways to improve our public schools other than dumping more and more taxpayer dollars down the drain, we must also give poor and middle-class families the financial assistance they need to exercise the same education choices wealthy families enjoy. Our public schools aren’t broke. They’re broken.  If money was the answer, we’d already have the greatest school systems on the planet. That’s why I support school vouchers, education savings accounts and scholarship programs that parents can use for private school tuition or to assist parents who opt to homeschool their children if they want such assistance. The community interest is a well-educated child.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean public schools. It’s time to give parents both the right and the means to escape public schools that aren’t getting the job done.

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